Fulfilling our Mission

Because we wish to draw the disconnected together into genuine relationship with Christ and each other, we have broken down what every member of our Church family should do in order to fulfill our mission.

They come in our three fundamental GPS actions. We Gather, Prepare and Share both here at Church and there in our communities. We don’t want Christians to be busy going to a lot of events, but we do want to be intentionally fulfilling mission.

We Gather so that genuine relationship results between people and people and their God.

We Prepare in the Abundant Life that Jesus Christ has given to all.

We Share our time, resources and relationship to help others grow.

GPS here and there are our fundamental actions.

Here are some of the people of our church family and how they help us Gather, Prepare and Share both here and there, respectively.

After worship service each week, we have a Time to Connect in the fellowship hall. Over coffee and snacks, we get to sit and discuss the week, the service, and life. It is a vital part to our Church life and Amanda makes it possible by providing that time to connect.

This is Karen and she leads our three Children’s Prepare Classes on Saturday. She organizes a team of teachers that encourage the kids to center their lives on Jesus Christ and to spread His love to others and the world. They live out the expression that they often say, “No one is ever to young to be used by God.”

This is our adult Connect with Purpose prepare class on Saturday mornings . The meet to grow in genuine relationship with one another by talking through important Christian subjects and discussing the Bible.

This is Rick and he organizes our Adult Bible Study on Saturday mornings. Through lecture and discussion, every class strives to help us love Jesus more through the study of the Bible and theology.

Every year our pastor, Jonathon, runs a nine month Intensive Prepare Course that meets during the week. This is for 6-10 people who are eager and have the time to pursue the Abundant Life at a more rigorous level.

Meet Sharon and Greg. They run a program called SEEKERS for ages 5-12 once a month on Saturday afternoons from 1:00 to 2:30. Through games, stories and lessons they help the kids prepare.

Sharon leads in another share opportunity that we do called Singing with Seniors. Once a month, a group goes to a nursing home, and spends around an hour with the residents singing, talking and connecting.

This is Erin and she provides the opportunity for our Church to share food and relationship with those who are hungry in our city. We partner with the Salvation Army and do Feed the Hungry on 5th Sunday of months that have them.

Every year Sharon works with other Christian leaders in Lodi to organize Love Lodi. In April, thousands of volunteers come together from across traditional boundaries and demonstrate love to our city. We share our time to meet needs alongside of our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

How will I grow in my Christian walk when I GPS here and there?

If I wanted to visit the Church, where and when would be the best time?


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