What to Expect

The best time to begin your journey of connecting with our Church family is our worship service on Saturday from 11:00 to 12:15 at 2100 Tienda Dr. A map is on the bottom banner of this page.

The aim of this service is to be drawn together as we grow in our relationship with God through Jesus. The goal is not to look prim and proper, so don’t worry about that. The aim is about relationship, so come expecting to encounter God and His people. Since this is something children and adults need, all engages in the same worship service here.

First, you will go through the front doors into the main service hall. Grab a seat. Feel free to talk to those around you. And at 11:00, we will begin worship in song. It is an expression of unity that we all sing in one voice in worship of our one God.

It is always a little weird sitting next to someone you don’t know. But to form relationships, we have to push through a little bit of awkwardness.

Throughout the service nothing will be expected of you but a voice to sing and hears to listen.

A few times during the service members of our Church family will share about what God is teaching them through the Bible. And they will encourage the whole group to grow in their relationship with Christ.

After this, you have the opportunity to grow in relationship with each other. You will be invited to go from the worship hall to the fellowship hall for a snack and conversation.

If the goal of everything the Church does is to draw the disconnected together into genuine relationship with Christ and each other, then how does this service help do that?

How can I expect to grow in my Christian journey by attending Church?


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